Our Process

100 % Up-time all the time isn’t a goal.

It’s a way of doing business.

Embrace the Audit

Capital Believes in Transparent Performance

At Capital Building Services, we examine, measure, refine and train to best practices each and every day. Why? Because we believe that our ability to deliver quality results without delay is paramount to retaining your business.

When quality is priority No. 1, embrace the audit system. Capital’s Total Quality Assurance guarantee.

Most companies will undergo audits of performance on a periodic basis. Good performance is underscored, opportunities are identified and improvement areas are documented. At Capital, we believe a week is too long to wait for improvement. That’s why we have Total Quality Assurance, a unique, self-governing system that we use to meet the highest standards—ours.

Throughout our operating territory, our field management organization performs daily, weekly and monthly audits of every facility we maintain. Facility supervisors make daily inspections, documenting through a unique checklist jobs that were done well, and, ones that need improvement. Any rectifications identified through the audit are made within one day and checked the following day. Weekly audits are performed by territory managers with the facility supervisor, and ensure that all maintenance actions are done to Capital standards. Finally, monthly audits are done with our customers. This is a chance to review new services, adjustments to existing work or to provide specific feedback.

Depending on your preferences, we provide you with each level of our self-audits, as well as the monthly summary. Capital’s Total Quality Assurance guarantee means that you have the information you need, when you need it, to feel good about your maintenance investment.

Green Cleaning and Sustainability

Capital provides any level of sustainability service that our customers require. We have experience in cleaning large corporate facilities, retail environments and educational facilities, dayside cleaning and have integrated a variety of environmentally friendly equipment and supplies such as low-decibel hepa vacuums, micofiber rags, auto scrubbers with electronically charged water technology, low moisture carpet extractors, no-touch restroom cleaning systems, green seal chemicals, and RTD chemical dispensers that provide appropriate chemical to water ratios. Sustainability of a green cleaning program revolves around execution, training and commitment. We have nationally recognized partners that provide the latest green chemicals and programs, providing ongoing training and systems to ensure the latest possible sustainable programs.

In-House Equipment Repair

Capital self-performs equipment repair on all equipment with a 24-hour turnaround time, regardless of repair or replacement. A periodic preventive maintenance program also ensures that all of our employees are armed with the best possible equipment to perform daily tasks within the scope of work and expectation without any downtime to our customers.

The Best Tools, Supplies and Equipment

Capital believes in using only the best, most productive lines of equipment and supplies. We are always testing new state of the art equipment and chemicals that promote efficiency, workplace and environmental safety. Some of our vendor partners include Tenant and Diversey.

Superior Service and Attention for Your Unique Business

Your business is unique, and you deserve a service partner who will take the time to recognize, learn and absorb the needs you have. At the heart of making that partnership work is the ability to communicate and stay current on everything happening with your account, in addition to having a dedicated team that’s motivated and held accountable for their performance on your account.

That’s why we provide the following communication and incentive processes for each account:

  • Customized Customer Email Address – Each customer will have a personalized email address to enhance communication between the client and operations team.  The email address will copy all levels of management including the Area Manager, District Manager, VP of Operations, and Operations Coordinator.  This will ensure all requests and/or concerns are monitored by the entire team.  A response will be generated within the hour and will be copied to the entire operations team.
  • Employee Motivation – Each Area Manager will select an “account of the month” within their territory on a monthly basis following the approved criteria.  The Area Manager will plan a recognition lunch with the entire staff on a predetermined date.  The customer will be invited to the lunch and can attend based on availability.  Each employee will also receive a personalized “Thank You” card by mail.  Lastly, a “account of the month” certificate will be awarded to the staff and displayed in the janitorial closet as a reminder to their achievement.
  • Project Schedules – A monthly project schedule will be presented to each customer to document when all non-daily tasks will be performed.  The Site Supervisor will manage and confirm completion of each task and will signed off on a monthly basis.  This will ensure all non-daily work is completed per the scope of work and communicated in advance to accommodate any scheduling conflicts.

Capital’s Emergency Response – There When You Need Us

An advantage of Capital’s emergency response program is our concentrated staffing in your area of the Midwest. This means we’ll readily have management available to activate and mobilize an emergency response crew to your business. The crew will be comprised of off-shift cleaning teams from your property, as well as the project crews. We will assign a portion of the crew to be “on call” for emergency response during their off hours. Those team members “on call” assignments will be on a rotation basis so that no one employee is overburdened. Using off shift employees will allow Capital to provide emergency response with crews familiar with your facility

The Capital Emergency Responses Process:

  1. Customer Emergency
  2. Capital Office – Called 24-hours a day
  3. Regional Operations Manager – Paged by office
  4. Emergency Response Staff Notified
  5. Crews Respond to Customer’s Facility

Finding the Best Staff

For each new engagement, Capital locates and makes arrangements with local organizations within the local community to screen and provide candidates for employment. These local groups include community affairs groups, churches and ethnic organizations. Using these sources, we have been very successful in filling our personnel requirements, even in areas where difficulty is the hiring norm.

Another source of employment candidates comes from current employees. We regularly ask our employees to sponsor individuals for employment. In geographic areas where hiring is difficult, we provide a cash incentive for referrals who are hired and stay with the company for a measured period of time.

All janitorial personnel will be subject to the following screening process:

  • Interview with recruiting director
  • Interview with operations manager
  • Reference check
  • Verification of authorization to work in the United States
  • Background checks, including: National Theft; County Criminal; Sex Offender watch lists; Terrorist Watch Lists; DMV search as needed
  • Completion of all Capital training courses

Electronic Time and Attendance, and On-boarding

Each Capital employee uses our real-time, web based electronic system to check-in and out of each facility. It reliably collects manages and processes employee time and attendance, tracking tardiness or absences while electronically notifying field managers with alerts to respond immediately. Employees use personal security codes to use the system and caller ID ensures correct location.

We assemble these records into a report that we can deliver to you daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your preferences. It’s a transparent way of doing business and a necessary component in maintaining a solid partnership.

We also use an electronic data collection system to hire or re-hire employee documentation that efficiently captures, processes and retains all documentation, eliminating human error.