Building a Future with Capital

Stability. Leadership.

Capital Building Services has been a leader in maintaining corporate, industrial and retail businesses for more than 28 years, and provides some of the best executive continuity and vision in the industry.

Our focus remains on developing our employees and giving them a strong sense of belonging to the larger corporation. We believe in creating careers, not just giving jobs.

Our strategy for employees centers on the following principles:

  • Goal Setting—We provide clarity on each individual’s goals so that they know where they are and where they’re trying to go in their career
  • Communication—We believe in open, honest and regular dialog with our employees on every level
  • Trust—We want to foster a deep level of trust among employees so that they believe in their team members and managers
  • Accountability—We believe in a system where all team members do what they say, and receive fair measurement of their performance
  • Recognition—Acknowledge and recognize employees’ contributions and call attention to and appreciate others’ strengths

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