Green Clean Is Good for People and the Environment

Capital BSG has a rich history of serving department stores, softline retailers and grocery environments.

Helping you keep your edge.


In today’s economic environment, consumers count every penny. They shop multiple stores, for identical items. So, if all things are identical, including price, which one will the customer choose?

The one where they feel best about their purchase.

A clean, well-maintained store is the difference between not only winning the customer from the competition on one purchase, but also keeping them coming back. And if they’re shopping for food, then the differences become even starker.

We have maintained retail stores and super stores for some of the country’s largest companies, providing a full range of services in a diverse array of environments. We are committed to delivering the highest quality standards, day in and day out.

Our retail services include:

  • Day portering
  • Complete floor care—7-day services, polishing, stripping and waxing, wood floor restoration
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Surface cleaning (check-out lanes, display cases)
  • Cleaning for offices, restrooms, general use areas, entrances, and fitting rooms
  • Pressure washing for high-traffic areas

Time, training
For every account, we invest time into getting to know your business, your unique environments and requirements. We want to know your needs so that we can contribute to solving problems even before they arise. It’s part of the Capital Total Quality Assurance guarantee.

  • We assemble the best possible team for your projects, documenting eligibility and experience. This information is available to you on an ongoing basis.
  • Prior to engagement, we review your specific requirements, your facilities and perform training with field staff to ensure they fully understand security, safety and risk management
  • We perform daily, weekly and monthly audits in every facility we maintain to guarantee that the work is being done to specification and the highest standards