Give us your hardest test.
It’s okay. We have our PhD in clean.

Capital BSG offers cleaning services for the educational and higher-leaning industry.

Whether a high school facility, a small private college or a world-class university, Capital Building Services ensures that every maintenance “T” is crossed and every cleaning “I” is dotted.

From hallways to parking lots, well maintained grounds are critical to ensuring positive learning environments, school pride, and a place that teachers and students are comfortable with each day.

Capital services for the educational and higher educational industry include:

  • Complete summer cleaning programs
  • Complete floor care—7-day services, polishing, stripping and waxing, wood floor restoration
  • Surface cleaning—Desks, bannisters, chairs, sills
  • Restroom and public area cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pressure washing

Each facility team will be trained in your specifications prior to engagement, and will continue to receive training on a periodic basis. And as is the case across all industries we service, the Capital Total Quality Assurance guarantee provides daily, weekly and monthly audits of our performance. These reports ensure that your standards are met each and every day.